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    look at my team in the team of the week

    speechless, i finally did it..... and it is done by every premier league team playing the same week and not 3 or 4 teams playing in the same week!!!!!
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    Your best striker??

    I know some of you have this, but look at my Javier Hernández his first season with me is wow and i play him as poacher
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    What happened to I. Camacho

    Hi, i dont think this is the right place to post this topic but i am gonna to post here anyway due to the that i usually normally visit the player section in Fm Base what happened to him, i always buy him in A. Madrid as a DM for my man utd saves and my wigan saves. i heard that he went to...
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    what is your highest transfer fee received??

    well, i am new here recently and i have saw many thread about many various topic but i haven seen one about the one i am talking about................or maybe i didn't look hard enough.................... so anyway, back to the topic!!!!!:) currently the best transfer received from my wigan...