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Recent content by n3galiu

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    wtf with tactics?

    What this means? when I start to play a new match, always new current tactic.. I use match preparation on my tactic (Best of Arsenal), so on these tactics everything is "fluid" too? Maybe I can somehow delete those tactics, because I think I have about 200 of them, I can scroooooooll and...
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    ST - Arsenal

    Hello fellas, Started my 2nd season, now November 20 and.. like always... Robin van Pierse came from international game with an injury, but a serious one.. :( injured for 4 months, now 3 left, will be back on March.. So I think about buying a new striker, because other strikers in my team...
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    about wages (please help)

    What wages do? It's only for buying players, to pay wages a week? Because now Im playing with Arsenal, I always put my transfer budget on wages budget and now have +1.1mln wages/week. So my question is - can I make money of it?
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    Jack Wilshere (help)

    Please help with my wonderkid, Im in second season, trained him to be natural in CM, but I think he has too much prefered moves, can you guys take a look and say your opinion what I need to "delete" and want I need to "add" to his prefered moves. I play him as Advance playmaker - support or...
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    wages and loans (help)

    someone? pls answer... By the way what I do wrong, now offered some players for loan to clubs, 0% wages and untick can be recalled (thought clubs dont like it) and no offers! Wtf? I offer my good player to club, pay all his wages and no one wants? Or I need to choose wages: 100% or 0%, which...
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    Arsenal - DC and DM

    Hello fm players, I just ended first season with Arsenal, was brilliant season, won Premier by 20 points ahead Manchester United (2 place) and won Champions cup! It was van Pierse, Arshavin, Walcott and Chamakh show. Fabregas was not so good :( Now I am thinking about buying new Defender...