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    **** those Possums

    just thought i'd share some quality 5 min funny films http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/possum_death_spree/ http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/possum_death_spree_2/ http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/possum_death_spree_3/ you'll never look at a possum in the same way again
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    Bogey Teams

    just wondered in any football manager games you have ever had any bogey teams that would obviously cause you problems what ever you do against them on this version so far I've found A.Villa record w:0-d:6-l:0 so far in 3 seasons and Blackburn 0-4-3 so far a pain in the *** and on the flip have...
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    Quick Question

    evening people i was wondering as there seems to be a few, but what jan transfer window update for fm10 is the better one to download as i'm too lazy to do it all myself also is there another official update coming at all?