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    Messi, Ronaldo, Both, Neither?

    I am managing ManUtd and 2 and a half seasons in. I have poured my time and devotion into this save and worked the transfer market masterfully (if I do say do myself) to accumulate the squad below. I have also swept away all before me using TFF Reaver V4 Tactic with the occasional tweak here and...
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    Sigurdsson Quality?

    Hi all. Don't post often, unless I feel it's gonna be really really important to my save so really appreciate any feedback on this... I'm managing Dover. The 16/17 season. Back to back promotions all the way to the prem and a squad bursting with young talent. It's my first season in the EPL but...
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    Phil Jones to Man Utd Problem

    Hey all. Llong time reader, first time poster here. I'm playing 11.3 and towards the end of my second season with United. I've tried to sign Phil Jones every transfer window but with no success. I won the FA Cup and the EPL last year (and went out of the UCL semis to Inter 9-8 on aggregate!)...