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Recent content by NutTwo

  1. NutTwo

    Finally I finished my game independently

    Thanks man, waiting you at game.
  2. NutTwo

    Finally I finished my game independently

    Yes. thank you, hope yoou like it!
  3. NutTwo

    Finally I finished my game independently

    Hello there, i think better have a little introduce about my game. I’m a game developer. I found that my real passion was in video games back in 1992. I’ve always been obsessed with the fantasy genre, more specificallydark and mysterious elements such as undead, liches, vampires and skeletons...
  4. NutTwo

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment?

    <<Haven and Hearth>> it's a survival game. and hardcore,slowly. But it's really funny. Although there only have few player.
  5. NutTwo

    The 10 commandments of PC games

    Well Quick save. Quick save is really really import to me.:LOL:cause i hate again and again and start again.