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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    3/11 roles-duties have changed , PIs changed, mentality -tempo changed ,set pieces changed....
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    442 There is huge difference, 442 v3,5 (the latest so far) is perfect ,balanced ,also suitable for underdog teams. I dont know how the tests are measured ,but when you play the full game (and not instant result or holiday mode)the last version (442 v3,5) is very stable. My opinion of course.
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    Best attack in the league with Brighton? What was the media prediction? Can you post the player who scored the most goals and the one with the most assists?
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    Comparing Stephenk and Knap tactics is like to compare Champions League Level with Portugal B level
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    or a 4-1-4-1 maybe?
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    FM20.4.1 (4-4-1-1) @[email protected]

    Very good tactic ,also very underrated ,I had very good results as an underdog, I ll try with medium teams also. @Lisa According to your tests which tactic you suggest for underdogs - medium teams - top teams ? or an all around tactic? thanx
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    Nice tactic! Between this one and the 4132 which do you believe is better for underdogs ?