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Recent content by oj2006

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    Hey, i have just started a new game with Burton Albion,i have 10k to spend and i really need to strengthen my squad any suggestions on free's or any players in the region on 5k ?
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    Wigan Tactic

    Hey, does anyone know a good tactic for Wigan to bust the prem ?
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    Installation !!

    Well, i had to uninstall FM because it would not load:irked: so.. i am trying to install it but at the begining of the install it keeps stopping with a error on the pictures because it cannot read them what do i do ?
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    Hi, i have just registered and i have done many teams on FM 2006, i have just started a Wigan team and i just want a few good players who could spark my team into glory. Hehe. Please Help!! Many Thanks!!:D