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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Sure im in: First and Last Name: Pekka Rudholm D.O.B (Day/Month): 06/06 City of Birth: Gothenburg Nationality: Sweden Second Nationality (mandatory to those, whose first nation is not in the EU): Languages Spoken (max 3): Swedish, English, Spanish Height (cm): 192 Weight (kg): 82 Position (max...
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    Be A Player 2020 Youtube Series

    Great start (well not the result) but that the series have started...will be interesting to follow.(y)
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    Be A Player 2020 Youtube Series

    Player: Name (please keep to realistic names): Pekka Rudholm D.O.B (DD/MM): 06/06 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Colour: Blonde/Changeable (normal) Hair Length: Bald Skin tone: 1-20 with 1 being lightest/ 20 darkest.; 2 City of birth: Gothenburg Nationality: Swedish Person Data: Pick 1 high...