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    Bluth's 4-4-2 (Farewell to FM15)

    if anyone still wants this for fm 15
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    Bluth's 4-4-2 (Farewell to FM15)

    do you still have the tactic?
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    two almost identical players

    Hello guys, i am curious if anybody here encountered this. I signed english wonderkid regen striker from Everton, named NICK EDWARDS. Half a season later during december or early january maybe my scout reported me a regen midfielder from some Turkish side, maybe Besiktas or smth. And this guys...
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    Leandro Damiao PPMs

    Hi guys, I just got Damiao, so I wonder what PPMs are good for him?? I have better experiences with using "places shots" than "shoots with power" what he has at the start, but is it good for him? any advice would be appreciated.
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    Friendlies match experience question

    In short, Im curious if playing friendly matches during the season will count as a match experience for youngers? I have a lot of guys with good potential but cant play them regularly. So if scout says he isnt improving because of lacking match experience, will friendly matches fix it??
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    Discussion- The Defensive corner setup thread

    Hi all, I´m just looking for a good defensive corners setup, with good counter attack option if possible, I am conceding a lot goals from corners, so I look for an advice.