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    Players CA can't progress

    Hello. I have some issue in almost all of my saves. Some of my players stuck in their CA. Currently I play with Red Bull Leipzig, Dani Olmo, Nordi Mukiele are two of main players. They play well but for 2 seasons their CA stuck. They didn't upped it even with 1.. What seems to be the problem?
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    How do you sell players?

    I find this impossible. I play with Milan and I somehow manage to sell: Luiz Adriano for 10 mln, Poli for 9 mln, Abate for 6 mln, Zapata for 5 and Paletta for 4.4. I bought Sule for 23 mln and I don't have money for nothing. Bonaventura want huge extension on his contract, I can't afford it and...
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    Can you sold players?

    This is the worst football manager I've ever played in transfer engine. I play with Milan become a champion and I can't sell no one. I don't use De Jong - his price is 7 milion, I offer him for 5 - no offers. I offer him for 4 mil. - two ofers for 2 mil. I try to sell Menez one of my best...
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    Change the german team names in existing save

    Hello is it possible to change the names in already existing save? Thanks.
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    One question about adding leagues?

    Hello I play with AC Milan and I'm 2032. I load only italian leagues and if I want to add England, German will the game fill with regens of other teams? I mean good players on 27-28 year, not young on 16-17.
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    I can't play long term save ..

    The problem is with staff. I'm 2030 year with Milan and I can bring HOYD, DOF, coaches only from Italy. I can't like at the begining to bring from other countries. This problem is from this year and made my game useless as my coaches are terrible
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    All regens are sh*t...

    Hi guys, I'm playing with Milan. I'm 2030 and the best club in the world, but with one HUGE problem. All regens that game generates are sh*t, no one like Messi, Ronaldo.. Of course there're regens with 180+ PA, but Genie show their maximum Potential rating to less than 76-77%... Also my youth...
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    I can't score goals anymore..

    Hello guys, I play with Milan 2020 year total domination over last years, great regens, 520 mln euro budget everything perfect. Few days ago my game updated to 14.1.4 and my players just forget to score, they can't. I play well, with a lot of danger atacks, shots and.. no goals. For example in...