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    *** Man doesnt make subs when in charge of friendlies

    See title. Is this a bug? Basically he doesn't make any subs unless players get injured. Its highly annoying... Anyone know a fix, that doesn't involve me having to personally take charge of the friendlies?
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    amount of physios

    Recently started a game with Milan, and I noticed that they have like 8 physios. I find that way too many, and I'm looking to sack some of them. How many physios do you guys normally keep in a top club?
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    Scottish PL & Finances

    I was just wondering, does anyone know much the clubs in the Scottish PL get in TV money (if they get any)? And how much for winning the PL? In my british save in 2019 it seems that Rangers & Celtic are quite cash-strapped which leads me to believe that they aren't given a lot of in prize money =)
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    I've had Grant Hall for over 5 seasons now, and he just keeps getting better and better. His attributes aren't great, but he consistently plays 7.50 and above. It's sick. I've had 2 DC regens for a few years now and they've got amazing stats, but they don't play nearly as well as Grant Hall...