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    Custom DB Crash

    Hello base, It's been a long time since I've been here. I'm facing a problem with my Custom database called European Master League. It seems to be working just fine, up until October 27th 2013, and then I get a crash dump. If anyone wants to try it out, see if you can help, I'll provide you with...
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    American Master League -HELP NEEDED-

    So, I'm creating a new league structure for the US, split into 6 conferences, with the winners going into play-offs for the national title. But, there's one thing I just can't do. The playoffs. I already tested it, and the playoffs just won't start. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    r4v3ncl4w's & gjtank21's Kit Request Thread.

    Ok, so Me and GjTank21 will be making the kits. Please notify us if you need a config upon request. Every request MUST be applied using the following template or no shirt. Template: Team: Unique ID: Sponsor: Shirt Brand( Nike, Puma, etc): Home Kit Colours & Design: Away Kit Colours &...