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    CRAZY 5230 - No midfileders No strikers Everything should go wrong, and yet... you WIN

    Very interesting mate, i think your on to something! Quick test with a very average Brighton side. Undefeated thus far. Not putting our chances away, but look very solid defensively! 5 clean sheets in a row is nothing to be sniffed at on this FM. I wonder how it can perform with significantly...
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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Could you please PM it to me? Would love to test!
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    Moyibi Tactic

    Working very well so far.......
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    whats Lacerda's attributes like?
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    Superb tactic. Had successive promotions to Premier League with Wrexham!
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    Full attack 3-4-3

    Nah, its not a challenge if you have all those players. Good luck to you though
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    Full attack 3-4-3

    Not really a valid test. Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, Haaland, Jesus.......Not mant tactics wouldn't win you the league with those players!!
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    Tactic Suggestions for SPURS??

    Bit of an odd one, as they only have 1 decent striker, no wingers and good full backs. So probably 3 at the back with wing backs, but what about midfield and up top?
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    Can't update to 17.3.2

    Steam 'updates' every time i start it, but it stays on 17.3.1!! Any ideas?! Its preventing me from joining an online game at mo!!
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    Best tactic for 'Favourites'

    Lots of excellent underdog tactics on here, which is great, because thats where most people start out. But what about when your a few years in the game having built a team and are favourites going into most matches? What is the best tactic then? Especially to use at home. I want lots of goals!
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    Tactic for a top top team!

    Lots of the most popular tactics are counter based, suitable for underdogs. Whats the best tactic when your a long way into a save and have a top team full of world class talents? I'm expecting something attacking. The crazy 433 before last patch is what i'm thinking. Anything along these lines...