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    Chellange me

    Chellange me Usually not play with top teams, ( got saves with Napoli, Southampton... ) fell free to add me at steamNick = Raso93lfc
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    Farthest you went ?

    What was the farthest year you went in your save ? I reached couple times 2020 but now 2021 with Napoli and not giving up till i win CL title ( still no title in CL :'( ) So, how far you went ? :D
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    How to deklete shortilst ?

    Hi everyone, does anybody know how to turn off shortlist information ? ( Tried Raikan007 list and now every day i got information about every player from list ( +300 ) ) Its rly anoying, and it slow my game :/ can anybody help ?
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    Too much concedeed goals in last minutes ?

    My players just can't hold the lead, i do some subs, i put time wasting - often, but no... currently in CL with Real sociedad 2014.
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    What would you correct in this tactic ?

    Hello, started new season with Everton ( and im LFC fan haha :D, ( not so interesting playing with top 5 teams from EPL... )) so, with everon its not so easy, started few times, also few times in first season got to the Europa league, but 2nd was soo bad... so i started again.. :) Sold jelavic...