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    Download Extracter

    hey i have just downloaded a file for football manager, but i have forgotten the spftware for extracting it into the folder, io have tried to look for the tutourial of how to download but can't find any help will be greatly appreciated :) gracias
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    moving fm11 to new computer

    Basically i am attempting to transfer my game, save and skins ect on a memory stick. i am wondering am going to be able to it?
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    How Come You Support The Team(s)

    This all came out of nowhere, basically my lil baby cousin is adoped and is at the age where he is starting to support a team and is sort of cut between 3 teams Portsmouth where he was born, Chelsea coz his Dad and Arsenal coz me and him are close and he asked me how comes i support Arsenal and...
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    4-4-2 with abit of possession... needs testers

    Hey Peeps i have got my own 4-4-2 it plays on the attack and creates alot of possession in Midfield, i am looking for testers while i twick and add shot and how best too use this formation. This might nit be the greatest it's my 1st go and i am in need of testers to see how it plays with there...
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    Am i evil?

    Like basically i have a VERY long distance gf she lives in the States and we have been going out for 2 years.. Brilliant i guess, but then an old flame randomly messeged my on facebook saying "hey babes missing... coming your way soon.. wanna meet up?" Now i am a guy who wants to believe that it...
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    facepack EPIC Failure

    hey i have like recently downloaded a whole heep of facepacks for my game but like all of a sudden they aint working like not at all and it annoyes me to think i went to all that trouble for nothing Grr.. and also the normal defult faces the Spainish league have gone and THAT is proper bugging...
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    Hola fellow managers

    Hey peeps i am Reece_Hope, Gooner for my sins, also go to Millwall games (for my greater sins) and i love footie, iam currently trying to get my badges for coaching and i am pretty average guy and i loves my football manager. Dream job would be presenter on MOTD Also i am major editor on my fm11...
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    Help Sorting My personal profile (on here)

    how do i A. put a profile pic up B. How to put a sig up? i do realise these may be amazingly simple so i apologize