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    Lead Leicester to Glory!

    Leicester City hire young manager Rehan Maestro! With Claudio Ranieri stepping down, the Foxes have decided to take a risk in the inexperienced Englishman. Time will tell if this will be a blessing or abomination. Congratulations Rehan on becoming the new manager of Leicester City. What was...
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    Arsenal 2015-16... Only bought Cech

    For the sake of fair play, I started a fresh save and have only purchased cech from chelsea. i am only using the january update so coquelin and gabriel are in the squad... My target is to develop the youth whilst kicking *** and winning trophies...
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    Arsenal Save - FM '15

    Just started to play the new edition of FM and I have been impressed so far by the game. It has added well the features whilst still keeping the foundation of its success. I am, of course, my beloved Arsenal in my first save... In the league, won 8, draw 1 and lost 2... 3 wins and a loss in...
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    'Always a Saint' - Making Southampton TBE

    SOUTHAMPTON HIRE YOUNG ENGLISHMAN REHAN MAESTRO!!! The 27 year old Rehan kept a brief and direct conference and aims to achieve the following: Win the following in 7 years: Premier League x 2 FA Cup x 2 League Cup Europa League Champions League "Keep transfers to a bare minimum in...
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    HELP.... FM 14 add ons not working like FM 13

    I downloaded all the facpacks, logos etc. and did all the extracting like in fm13 but it isnt working i even followed different instructions and it still didnt help anyone have and solutions? im playing 13 atm as i love having all the logos etc.
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    Sanchez Watt screenshot after 5 years (only with arsenal)

    Do any of the lovely people at the community have a screenshot of Sanchez Watt after 5 years? Its important that the screenshot is Watt as an arsenal player as Im unsure whether to blood him in..... Thanks
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    Podolski or Giroud as lone CF in my patented 4-1-2-2-1 formation?

    Ive been using one more then the other and gone through 21 games but want thoughts of the community before deciding the outright number 1
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    Arsenal 2013-14 come early

    As its been many months since ive played fm2013, I thought i would make it a little exciting i have basically bought the exact players we have now and have started a new season. Therefore ozil and flamini are in.... i must say, it has rekindled my love of this amazing game... In the past, i...
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    Initial thoughts on fm2013, very good

    So, another year of fm and this weekend was utilised for the latest edition i gotta say I am very impressed. More features and tabs to get the full experience (only the full user game on a laptop allows for full enjoyment) I am of course my beloved arsenal on my 1st save and have been amazed...
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    Arsenal (3rd save ;p) Season by Season

    After all my threads... I finally thought I would put it 'all on the line' with my standings, tactics, transfers & advise... Please enjoy and leave comments... "Fluid" playing style with "Short" passing & "Always" closing down... Worked wonders for me (H)
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    My Definite purchases for 1st & 2nd seasons

    After 5 seperate saves (Arsenal x3, Fulham & Newcastle) I have made my definitive list of recommended/realistic purchases for 2 seasons that have helped me achieve huge success... I have consistently made these signing that have consistently been fantastic for me... When I purchased, I got...
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    Dummy guide to download skins correctly... help!!!

    I am an experienced FM campaigner but I am seriously struggling with uploading a new skin.... I have the facepacks, logos, kits & comps all done... After extracting the skin (from this site)I have tried all the advice but it still fails... I need a detailed play-by-play dummy guide of how to...
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    A new Arsenal save, (budget) but keeping the "cheat" one as well

    After studying my last thread and taking into account the replies, I have created a new Arsenal save... After 5 seasons with my "cheat" save, I was buying players at astronomical prices and not "enjoying" the game as much... Don't get me wrong... I loved buying the "fantasy players" and...
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    All the success feels like cheating

    After 5 trophy filled seasons as Arsenal, I feel like I've cheated... Honours: League (2) Champions lge (2) F.A (3) League cup (3) World Club (2) Even though I am very happy with the success, the players I have bought and let go is, in one word, RIDICULOUS Ridiculous players in: Aguero...
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    Just a thank you note to my old flame, the 4-4-2 diamond...

    Since FM 2008 I have stuck to a rigid 4-4-2 diamond... This basic system has been devastating and reliable for the last 4 years and had brought me many trophies... I would operate with 2 wide men with the AM at the head of the spear i.e. fabregas... Have 2 CF's with one as a support but still...