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    The 'Rate my .Gif' Thread

    This is the Rate my Gif thread a moving picture in other words Here is mine Use Makeagif ,photoshop, Picasion Gickr Loogix GIFMAKE Gifup Gifninja imator A youtube video to show how to make a video into a gif
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    make your own GIF

    this website is good made this for my kit requests thread didnt no which section to put it in
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    Ronaldinhoos Kit Request Thread

    Sidgurung97 is helping to if someone can put his name into the request aswell dont no how to do it i have been using SSD, and i will attach my kits now :) Team Name: Unique id if wanted? : Home Colours: Away Colours: Third Colours: Kitmaker: Sponsor:
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    AFC Wimbledon : Mission Premiership

    Terry Brown is Sacked After a Fight with his Assistant Stuart Cash Betting Odds Dean Holdsworth 2/1 Simon Davey 5/1 Karl Marginson 7/1 Mike Jones 10/1 Ronaldinhoo 25/1 UPDATE Simon Davey Says he doesn't want the job and is going to live in america And the new manager of Wimbledon...
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    Leeds 2016 Challenge (SEE OP)

    Its 2016 And Leeds are back in the Big time, the premier league BUT they have played 23 Games and have only Got 12 Points Can you save them from Relagation ???? :)
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    Zinedine Zidane Academy

    BREAKING NEWS 8:05AM Welling have gone into Liquadation after failing to clear a debt of 1.5 Million pounds And they need a Replacement team which is yet to be decided. 12:00PM The team joining will be ''Zinedine Zidane Academy'' A New Team Chair man being zidane himself with a Luxury...
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    Middlesbrough Challenge

    Just found this on a boro site i post on. Some people may want to have a go at it. So i thought id share it. From the original poster ''Basically I holidayed a few seasons into the future and Boro's terminal decline has reached new depths.... they're now in the Blue Square North after...
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    Little Master Cricket

    Little Master Cricket:) got 290 best. have a go really fun
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    What happened to this?

    does anyone now ? LINK
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    A Football Manager Forums League db.

    Basicly i have been thinking about this so i need someones Thoughts so have a league of so many and have the regulars of each forum as players Anyone? need some forums tho between 5-15 :)
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    Twitter OR Facebook

    Start Voting i am facebook all of the way :)
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    Editor crashed now computer crashed

    hi i was just making my V2.00 of Level 12 and the editor crashed :S then lost my windows 7 bar at the bottom and then it stop completley, wont log on i cant even get on to the statrting windows page an thoughts :(:(:(:(:(
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    Favourite Console to play games on?

    Doing a poll to see what is the most used, can vote for as many as you play on :) thanks
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    English level 12 Divisions To Champions league winners.

    Hey, after my release of England level 12 i thought of this challenge, Basicly start in level 12 of england And get the club you want to be and take them to champions league in 20 Seasons think you can do it? Set Your Previous Experiance As Sunday league footballer. NO CHEATING AS YOU ONLY...
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    League of Ireland - Five Tier System

    This was made by WYFC over at SIgames who kindly let us post it on here it is a revamped Ireland :) Level 1 - Premier Division - 14 teams Level 2 - First Division - 14 teams Level 3 - Intermediate First Divisions - three regional leagues of 16 teams (West, East and South) Level 4 -...