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Recent content by rookee

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    how to get someone to sign for you?

    i had the fee accepted and all, but he wont even negotiate a contract. and im 1000% sure that when i offer one he will accept it. any tips?
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    Coventry City Challange

    I will post my attempts at completing the Triple C. I always wanted to take a financially unstable club to glory. It was between Coventry and Hearts. I remembered my best FM13 save with Cov (which crash dumped D: ) chose Coventry. This is also my first attempt at a story. Hopefully you will...
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    tactic help

    can someone please recommend me a 4-3-3 tactic? im struggling with newcastle. my squad. -----------krul debuchy-balanta-YB-baines -------18y/o regen ----grenier-schneiderlin lucas-----------------vitinho ---------mitrovic i need the dm to be a bwm, one of the cm to be bbm and one to be ap...
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    best way to quickly test tactics?

    i made an intresting tactic and want to test it, any custom databases etc. to test it?
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    5 young strikers

    these 5 strikers are arguably the best young strikers in the game: carlos fierro, yassine benzia, gabriel barbosa, alexander mitrovic and timo werner but out of the 5, who do you think is the best/ who develops best on your save?
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    need rotation players for my newcastle team.

    hello, my newcastle squad is very little (18 not including youngsters) because some of the rotation players are on very high wages and i sold them. this is my team and formation: ...........cisse........... schurrle.......ben arfa ....grenier...sissoko... ...........anita...
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    All regen faces turn to default faces

    This is kinda wierd. i just loaded up my youth academy save with worcester and all the regens have normal faces.#