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Recent content by Rutledge!

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    You cant win anything win youngsters.....

    wooooo! 3rd season and just won the prem with a bunch of youngsters :D im also the swiss manager haha
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    if you get sacked do any of you continue the game until you get another job? or do you just give up completly?
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    Feeder Clubs!

    Is there anyway i can get a japanese club to be one of my feeder clubs beacause when you have one of them you get a lot more money! im arsenal in the 2nd season and when ever i ask they just give me belgium clubs! any suggestions??
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    The ****!

    just finished me 1st season with arsenal! didnt do to good, finished 3rd and only won the league cup. Players out: Adeybayor 10m Sold this lot because dont like them and think Silva 9.5m they are bollocks! Van Persie 15m Alieidiere 1.7m Traore 1m Hleb 10m...
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    Top 5 Prem Keepers!

    1.Cech 2.Friedel 3.Jaaskelainen 4.Van Der Sar 5.James Anyone agree or disagree??
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    Big Net Game??

    Does anyone want to start a big net game?? if we get about 10/15 people to do it? should be fun......
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    The Betting Thread........

    Just a simple thread, if you found any good bets or any football accumulators that are worth a flutter post them in here and put the betting shop down as well! :D