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Recent content by RyanRFC53

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    Andy Carroll

    I was wondering if anyone whos had him before if hes best as a loan striker or if hes got someone playing along side him, i signed him for spurs and dont know wether to play him on his own up front or with Defoe as a poacher and Carroll as a target man
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    Striker for Spurs?

    I just started a new save with Tottenham, im going to sell keane to raise funds any suggestions for a new striker for about 10 million? I dont want to spend all my money on one player as i want another centre back and a left winger as back up for Bale.
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    Quality loan signings?

    I decided to go Huddersfield for a challenge and im doing quite well but the squad is fairly small , ive got no money left and could do with a few loan signings to beef up my squad, any suggestions?