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    New online save FM17

    Looking to start a save in a lower league with another 1 or 2 people. Not fussed how many tbf If interested please leave your steam name & ill add you. Im free quite a bit
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    Anyone wanna do a new save?

    Please reply so i know whether to set a save up
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    Long Term online save

    I dont want people who come and go, looking for 2/3 serious players only and we will set settings to what we agree on. Im online most night around 5pm. while the mrs watches here ***** tv ha. but hit me up on steam: scottee2hottee33 ipswich badge im on now.
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    Online Game

    anyone interested in a onlien game, not fussed what league but i wouldnt mind doing a championship one or something or even a premiership minus the big teams get at me add my steam scottee2hottee33 ipswich badge
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    lower league online game today

    Hi people. Ive loads of free time but looking to have set times with whoever is looking to join a lower leavue online game that suits you...i dont want people getting bored by overplaying FM Lets agree on days best for us all, times etc Add me on steam: scottee2hottee33 ...... ipswich badge...
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    game now?

    Anyone after a online game?
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    online game now?

    Any one interested in a league one game online 2 or 3 players?? Must be serious players Add: scottee2hottee33
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    Online today?

    Need 1 or 2 serious players that are on today to get this started asap. Not bothered what league or teams just dont want any many start n give up...dont bother Add me: scottee2hottee33
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    Serious Game.

    Looking for 1 or 2 reliable players that are keen to play as newly promoted premiership teams, bourn, watford, norw just as a challenge Must have quite a bit free time as it will take a bit....dont want people joining & never to be on again. Add me scottee2hottee33
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    online game starting asap

    Hoping to do lower leagues or maybes scottish league if it interests anyone get back to me with your steam names or add Scottee2hottee33
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    Online GAME

    ANYONE WANTING A ONLINE GAME, with quite a bit free time add me - scottee2hottee33
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    online game now?

    Championship teams? Ipswich fan here so id go them? Add steam scottee2hottee33
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    online game today?

    Online most the day Add me on steam.....scottee2hottee33
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    Want 2 or 3 people who have time to play n wont quit ive joined 2 leagues n cos other people have been getting beat theyve quit then deleted me off steam....wasted my time...its fun i get beat too but i enjoy playing n winning too im not a sore loser! Reply only if you agree n want to join my...
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    New Online Game

    Anyone wanting to do one? Only join if you have free time, pointless starting if youll never be on