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Recent content by ScottishChamp

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    Not sure where to put this. Regarding Board

    Dont know where to put this as i'm quite new to this forum but if someone can help me here that'd be great. I asked my board to give me more funds for a particular transfer ( Gervinho ) last season ( in the transfer season ) and they said they would but as of yet I havent heard of anything...
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    20 + seaon goal striker?

    Tried going for Hulk, Porto want 35m for him. I can afford it, I just think it's abit pricey, anyone else who I can try for ?
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    Andy Carroll..Dilemma

    I like him as a player and that's what I generally go for when buying and playing players but my first two seasons in charge of Liverpool he's been injured 4 times ( twice for 4 months each ) and only played 13 games for me with a measly 3 goal return. I also have Suarez ( 25 + goals a season)...