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Recent content by Shakhtardfc1

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    Does anyone here drive an LGV for a living? Have you done the CPC test? Are you looking to do the LGV test in the future? I am looking to do the LGV as soon as is reasonably possible, but I am confused as **** about the CPC test, and the regulations governing transport through the EU, non EU...
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    Held to Ransom

    I had to laugh at this.. Contract demands: His rating: He's 14, and demanding 16k a week.
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    Player taking extended holiday..

    Unsure where to post, please move if required (thanks mods :)) I recently sent some of my team off on holiday due to them getting jaded/tired. I think a total of 5 went in the first few days, with each but 1 getting 1 week holidays. After that, I sent more out, and the dates for the first lot...
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    Strange happenings

    Started a new game, as you do, and found that I had absolutely no fixtures scheduled for Jan-Jun in any league, and the tables were all at 0 games, etc. This was using the Russian starting date of Jan '10, I just found it weird. I reckon I know what it is though, as I'm using LFC's transfer...
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    Paul: The Movie

    I went to see it today (Cineworld's cheap day, so why not ;)) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked Frogg's previous work (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced and Hot Fuzz) and knew I would like this, but it did make me lol :D
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    Has anyone went the entire season unbeaten? Cups and Europe may or may not apply.
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    Manager Promises

    So far as I could see, there is no similar thread (correct me if I'm wrong). I made a "manager promise" to Matt Watson, saying he will get some games, and needs to work hard on keeping in the team. So I play him for 315 minutes over 4 games, and now he says I did not keep my promise and wants...