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Recent content by Shyftyy

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    Shyftyy's 6-1-2-1-0 Counter football without Counter Strategy

    Latest updates always in BLUE Update 1: 14-02-2014: I have updated the tactic with some minor tweaks. improve defense a bit by changing the Central Defender Defend to Ball Playing Defender Cover. This reduces the throughball goals. Changes roled of SS during corners to charge down corners...
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    Anyone who would like to try my 6-1-2-1-0?

    For those of you who don't know I released a thread which was called the 6-2-2-0 for FM2013 which was defensively very strong but did not score enough :) However, In Fm2014 with the new roles, new ME etc, it scores quite a bit. I do not have a whole lot of time these days so the testing was...
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    6-2-2-0 Counter: A Hypothesis (Work in Progress)

    UPDATE: Because of a new job I have no time to continue this project. However, Dinjesk is carrying on with his version which seems to be doing great by the images on page 60. Undefeated over several seasons and more offensive than the original. His latest tactic (V39 at the moment) can be found...