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    Wage budget/Transfer Budget Issue

    Ok I got FM 14 for Christmas and I've started a save as Sheffield United but the game keeps confusing my transfer budget with my wage budget. For example I want to sign a free transfer and it charges 7K from my transfer budget rather than my wage budget. What makes this even more frustrating...
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    2012-13 (and beyond...) according to SI- A "Hands-Off" Story

    Basically, I decided to start a save where I do as little as possible (I'll be manager of Guadeloupe or some other small island so I affect almost nothing, this is easier than starting off unemployed since you get so many notifications if you start unemployed.) and report to see what the...
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    European League Structure- A Motherwell Story

    This league structure was created by T1LL13. It can be found here if you're interested in downloading. It's a 16 tier league structure involving clubs throughout Europe and I will be competing in Division 4D, the lowest division with Motherwell. "Motherwell this morning announced the sacking...
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    Online Game- English Edition

    So, I'm hoping to make this game to biggest and the best one on FMBase. I'll likely fail but all you can do is try. All right, I'm hoping to get every playable English team in the game (from EPL right the way down to Blue Square North/South) filled up. However this game has a twist, a sting in...
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    The Champions League Awaits- An Austria Vienna story

    For a long while I've been thinking of doing a Manager Story on this site. The only problem was deciding which team to play as. I was considering playing as my favourite team Arsenal, but frankly that's far too mainstream and being a top team at the start? A bit unrealistic. So naturally I...
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    Hi- Gooner here

    Hello, I am sjg11. I'm a fan of the mighty Arsenal, who got FM 2013 for Christmas. I've previously played FM 2005 and FM 2010.