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Recent content by Soulteria

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    The Story of a Father and Son.

    I was sat on The balcony of my apartment on the outskirts of Barcelona enjoying the sun, with a glass of cold water. I had just left FC Barcelona, and although planned to take a year out. I made it clear to the media who had been hounding me every time I left my house, that If someone could...
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    Robert Lewandowski

    Just wondered if anyone has ever had him before and knows how to play him, he's coming to my arsenal team in january, but with me only playing one up front van persie (heading for world player of the year) and podolski who has scored more than he has played in... Im not sure how its going to...
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    Best youth academy team?

    Hey, Great to be part of the site. This is my first post, The question i have is, what is the best team to start as if i'm looking to develop youngsters and be able to sign the best regens but also have great regens coming through my own academy?