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    How have the teams in your league changed?

    I'm in 2022 and things have changed a bit. West Ham has joined Manchester City and Manchester United as part of the big boys. Everton are also a force. Arsenal is consistently 5th or 6th but always a good ways off from the rest. Chelsea are fighting relegation. Liverpool is midtable. I'm with...
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    What to do with youngsters?

    I do have a feeder club but that club only has average or adequate facilities and I actually want to use my youngsters in the future. So I guess my question is. what is more important in development: playing games or training??
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    My Holland logo doesnt show?

    My Holland logo doesnt show up at the top left of the screen. When looking at the homepages of national teams they're logos come up on the top left and top right. My top left logo is missing and its only for holland. It doesn't affect my gameplay it just annoys me. Any ideas as to why it...
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    The unthinkable has happened...

    a delayed work permit appeal actually worked!!! For this lad nonetheless
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    Nationality Issue!?!?! ****!!!!

    I'm with Southport FC. I got them to the Premier League and now I have a huge issue. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong but only a few of my players are legible to play with 19 days until my first match against Liverpool . Carlton Cole, who is English, can't play. There is a rule that says a...
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    Finding good defenders??

    I am currently managing Southport FC who were a Blue Square side. I'm in the Championship now and made the playoffs in my first season. I lost 5-4 (aggregate) against Stoke mainly because my defense is really weak compared to my offense and midfield. It's very hard to find good defenders who...
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    Bonus Payments?!?!!?

    I've been trying to sign a player but I'm not quite sure what he wants. After offering a contract for the second time this comes up: "He hopes he can earn significant bonus payments as long as he merits a place in the first team" What does he want?