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Recent content by SPIDLY_MAN

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    Problem downloading tactic

    Trying to download a tactic and it downloads as a '.fmf' file. When I click on it, it takes me to a 'Resource Archiver' and I extracted it to my tactics folder but the file remains in it's format and doesn't appear in the 'archived tactics' in my game. Any solutions?
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    BIG problem

    I need help at the moment. My game isn't working, when I go to start a match this comes up (see image) when I try to start a match. I've not done anything differently than usual and it only happens when I start a new game, old saves work fine. Any solutions or suggestions? Thanks :)
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    My Toulouse save

    It's my FM12 save game with Toulouse, I'm in my 4th season and part way through the season. I've not played it in a while but all I remember is that I've got quality players such as Moussa Sissoko, Carlos Tevez, Yohan Mollo and Frank Tabanou. The club's Youth & Training Facilities have been...
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    Can't get it working on MAC

    Hey guys, I've had FM12 since it came out and it's worked fine on my MAC up until now. When I select to play it, it does the usual, it tells me to sign in and then it says it's preparing to launch FM12 but then it just stops completely. That just happens every time I try and play it! Can anyone...
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    Full back and box-to-box midfielder for Bolton, 4th season??? HELP

    Hi guys. I need a right back and a center midfielder who would suit the Box-to-Box role for Bolton. My game is in the 4th season and we've just won the Premiership and the FA Cup so our reputation is high. The expectations are "Title Challenge" so I'd like some consistent performers please. I...
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    Left Winger

    Guys, Hull City- LW and/or RW- 1st Season in July- LFC Marshall's most recent update- £2 million transfer budget and £25k p/w. Thanks :)
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    Newcastle 1st season 11.3

    Do any of you guys have ideas on who to buy for Newcastle in the 1st season?? Season Expectations are Top Half: £23 million and £900k p/w Looking for: Deep Lying Forward (Up to £6 million) Right Back (Up to £5 million) Box to Box Midfielder (Up to £4.5 million) Left Winger, Inside Forward (Up...
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    Newcastle Tycoon Takeover

    Here's a save in 2013 when Newcastle have been taken over by a tycoon. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A836OXTO Enjoy :D
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    Save Games!?

    Could you guys help me please... I need to know how to upload a saved game for people to try on here, I've got a Newcastle Tycoon takeover one. Thanks :)
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    Help with something please.

    Sorry guys, it's a dumbass question but how do you get to that page where it tells you each leagues underachievers, overachievers and signing of the season and stuff... thanks very much :)
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    Best Fans in England???

    Who do you guys think are the best fans in England whether it be Manchester United or Port Vale it doesn't matter, post who you think it is here. I personally think it's Newcastle and Liverpool fans, they constantly pack their stadiums even when doing bad :) Sorry if there is already a thread...
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    Leicester 3rd season

    Anyone know a really cheap LB, RB, RW, LW or a couple of strikers??? I've got £8m We just finished 7th with Macheda getting 26 goals that season, but he was on loan. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks :)
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    -8, -9, -10???

    What do these mean?? I'm just looking around on editor and don'y know what they mean, could someone explain?? thanks :)
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    Box to Box midfielder???

    Box to Box midfielder??? £2 million max and on smallish wages... I'm Newcastle. Cheers :)
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    Burnley signings help

    I've taken over Burnley who are 14th after sacking Laws. I've been given £6.8 million in transfer money and an extra £29,510 in wages. Here are the screen shots of the squad, table, tactics, transfers by Laws and team report by Tony Coton (Judging player ability of 20). Anyone have any idea over...