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Recent content by steffjenks

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    Player Registration

    I signed Victor Valdes on a free midway through September, but cannot register him for the prem league. Is there any way of registering him, or do I have to wait until January?
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    Cannot sign any players

    I've become Darlingtons manager at the end of the first season and i released a lot of the players. Now i can't sign any new players. Ive agreed contracts with a lot of players but it says "transfer could not be confirmed" and the players do not join my squad. Anyone know why this is happening?
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    Huge change in form

    Ive just started my 4th season as Burnley manager. During the first 8 games i managed to get 6 wins 1 draw and 1 loss, with wins 2 of the wins coming against Liverpool and Arsenal, and the loss coming against Man Utd. The 9 games after this i lost 7, 1 draw and 1 win, with losses against Wigan...
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    Burnley 4th season, 11.3

    Currently in 3rd season in premiership. Im looking for a quality goalscoring, quick striker and a solid defensive midfielder. I have a budget of 21 mil to buy both? Also could do with a right back if budget permits? Thanks ---------- Post added 15/09/2011 at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post...
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    Burnley 3rd Season, any improvements

    Im currently managing Burnley. My current playing squad is; Gk: Luis Guilherme Lb: Easton Cb: Bikey Cb: Zayatte Rb: Mears Cm: Bilek Cm: Bressan ARM: Dos Santos ACM: Lamela ALM: Aissati St: Malonga Subs: Joe Lewis Da Costa Gohouri Cairney Veratti Paterson Sanogo Any transfer suggestions, i have...