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    Hi Babemocni, possible to share some screens of the tactic for a ipad user who cannot download the tactic file ? 😉
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    433 ALL-IN - 3XG per game total domination and beautiful football with 3 CMs

    Hi, very interested to have screenshots of your tactic (if possible the 4 screenshots for fmt version). Thanks in advance.
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    Light In The Black 42211 (2xDM) - 90 points with RC Lens, Valladolid won the Spanish league

    Hi Cwieku666, really interested for trying. As I play on fmt ipad, could you please load the different screens of the tactic? Thanks
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    4-3-3 steste The French Flair 2021-03-07

    First of all, sorry for my english but the title says, this tactic is coming from east of France. This is the first time I post a tactic here. I’m playing FMT on ipad so I put some screenshot to show the tactic and individual instructions. It’s a 4-3-3 with very beautiful movements. My advanced...
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    4-3-3 steste The French Flair

    steste uploaded 4-3-3 steste The French Flair Leave feedback below.
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    Thanks a lot veez.
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    Hi, would it be possible to have some screenshot in order to create the v999 into my FMT ipad game ? I don‘t have any computer to download it and see the details of the tactic. Thanks