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Recent content by Stoke City

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    Stadium Problem

    G'Day all. I see videos uploaded here where in the goals/highlights from games, it seems as if they're actually playing in an actual stadium. In all the games I've ever played, it's been essentially infinite green space. Below I've attached a video, where you can see how my game plays in terms...
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    Perfect role partner for a poacher

    G'Day all. So, I'm looking to find a partner for my really good ST Poacher...what kind of role would work best with this. Also, in terms of prolific goalscoring, what kind of role lends itself to copious amounts of scoring?
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    looking to improve fulham. What players could I target to improve the weak areas of the fulham squad (from day 1)... or just guns that would come cheap and come to fulham?
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    Windowed mode

    How can I get it into windowed mode (windows, fm11, 11.2)