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    PSG 171 goals in league... 2021-08-17

    For anyone still playing FM20, I had some fun playing around and tweaking some tactics I used, which in this case is the well known Camoflage tactic - the tactic I have tweaked is a tweaked version of the original, but i have tweaked quite a bit! I'm PSG and as you'd expect, have the best...
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    PSG 171 goals in league...

    strabs81 uploaded PSG 171 goals in league... Leave feedback below.
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    AnchorVolante 4-2-4 2DM Wide

    Player stats for season? Also can you provide mirror version?
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    Shake Yer Tika-Taks (4-3-3)

    Hi mate, thinking of giving this a go. Quick question - assume the left IF is more potent than the right IW? If my best player is RW, should I just swap roles? Should I swap the two MF roles also? Cheers
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    Tactics from around the world

    Hey guys - lots of tactics on this thread, but no feedback really. Is anyone playing with any tactic from this thread which is really good? Looking to start a game with a top/elite team shortly and any recommendations for a new tactic would be appreciated! TIA
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    Lionheart 4-3-3

    Yer mate, plus average rating when you can
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    Lionheart 4-3-3

    Any player stats?
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    424 Tactic [Deleted]

    Feedback to what? Look up the thread about posting tactics and then maybe you'll get some feedback!
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    Tactics from around the world

    That's the one pal. Merci :)
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    Tactics from around the world

    Can you post link to the actual tactic. Cant find it
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    Great tactic this, started a game with Milan in Italy and was cruising up until January. Ive now hit a flat spot, not conceding but not scoring either. Ratings have dipped considerably and its just gone completely off the boil for about 8 games. Trained on another tactic to use to try and...
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    BlueLock 433AMRC - ByH

    Going to try this, looks good. Do you have an mirrored version though?
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    Fenrir [Mythology series]

    What are your possession stats like? My last game I had 24%... I was man city!
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    Fenrir [Mythology series]

    The tactic is not showing in the game after ive downloaded to tactics folder?
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    The Liverpool Way 4 3 3

    Player stats pls?