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    Beta Update

    (Update will work with existing save-games) STABILITY & PERFORMANCE Improved general performance Improved trackpad performance Fix for issues affecting 10.6.8 NVIDIA Macs Fix for crashes during processing and going into a match Fix for crash on quit MATCH ENGINE (1529) Improvements to...
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    [FM14] Subtle's slow descent into madness

    And so it begins again! This just a thread that will eventually act as a supplement to my 4-6-0 tactic thread. Here I'll be posting my successes and, more frequently, my failures. First try Playing as Roma, trying to roughly emulate their iconic 2007 formation. The team is essentially a...
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    Man City stats thread (all EPL team included)

    Now, you may be aware that on Friday MCFC released a metric fuckton of stats upon the world. This topic is to keep track of what people do with them, discuss them and to give GC a raging hard on.
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    Suarez found guilty and given an eight match ban

    The Liverpool striker Luis Suárez has been banned for eight matches and fined £40,000 after being found guilty of misconduct, regarding "using insulting words towards" Patrice Evra of Manchester United. The allegations centred around an incident during a Premier League fixture between Liverpool...
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    Gary Speed, 42, has tragically passed away

    [Edit: thread already started here: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/rest/87679-gary-speed-dies-age-42-a-2.html#post1370950 Sorry if this is in the wrong section] Wales manager Gary Speed has died, FA of Wales announces | Football | guardian.co.uk
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    Arsenal to use man marking vs Tottenham

    After the endless stream of coverage, punditry and bs we've heard about Tevez this week, I thought it would be nice to focus on some football. What does everyone think, is this just a specific tactic by Wenger or are we going to see Arsenal ditch zonal marking altogether? Are Arsenal going to...