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    Chelsea 1st season CAM

    Don't usually tend to do premier league never mind top 4 more lower league managing but i thought i would give it a crack with a mate. Team: Chelsea Money: 52million Positions Needed: CAM , Left Back , Right back i mostly need the CAM preferbaly under 25 left back i want back up to...
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    Name The Player On Transfer History

    Same as most other games on here with the rules 1 go at a time please i will post the clubs of the player and you have to guess the player it's simple enough its just who can do it quickest so first of all i will give a quick example to you. Sporting CP - Manchester United - Real Madrid...
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    My Story With Rotherham United

    so i am currently 16 games into the first season as rotherham united boss and i am in 3rd place eqaul points with 2nd and also 1st i have had some alot of good results winning 11 drawing 2 and losing 3. my heaviest defeat up to now is against macclesfield (4-1) where i was getting caught out to...
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    My Notts County Team Your Oppinion

    hi i have started a game with notts county forgetting all about them having sven and i had 2mill to spend and i still have 2mill now here are some screenies of my transfers results i feel we could easily win the league heres why !! :: !!
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    is there a editor for 9.3 patch

    is there a editor for 9.3 patch so i can edit chris22's update?
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    luton town challange bsp

    so i take over at luton town with no money at all and start looking at players on the free agents. i have got a very experienced squad together hoping to get promotion back to the football league here is my signings: nicky weaver former charlton goalkeeper paul gerrard former nottingham...