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Recent content by tebanverdolaga

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    player unhappy because...

    i dont know if this is ntentional, or is it actually a bug or what but one of my players is unhappy becuase he doesnt want to go from the club but at the same time he is unhappy becuase we dont let him negotiate with other teams? contradiction?????
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    client negociation

    ok, so tell me how is this possible i offered for a player the club accepted the offer the club i am managing is in the list of the player's favourite clubs his agent tells me he doesnt want to negociate with my club so what the **** is favourite club used for?
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    cant adjust training

    i could adjust training before, but now im in the 2017 season and for some reason i cant adjust player's training, whether they are generated players or existing players thanks
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    how much money do you need to build a stadium???

    i guess you just need to have a certain amount of money in the transfer budget to build a stadium? how much is it? if its not this, then what is it? how much does it cost in the colombian league? i guess it must be cheaper than in the english or spanish league
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    national team question

    so when ANY national team offers me a job and i click accept, it wont let me manage the team, even if i terminate contract with my current club and i keep clicking accept job and the months pass over and i keep clicking accpet job and nothing happens, so wtf do i need to do?
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    Does the game have some ''memmory''

    Hi, my last game has been a pretty long game, im currently in the year 2027 and have had lots of games but not one that has lasted soooo much anyway, i can manage teams in Colombia, Argentina and England, which I have done on all the 3 nations, not so much in Argentina though So through out my...