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    Patch 11.3 error message

    Ive been trying to update my FM but get this error message i tried deleting the sigfx folder but then got this error message Ive looked on the net for fix's but nothing Anyone else got any ideas i really wanna play the new patch over the weekend?
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    I use my TV as a PC monitor as well but when i design summet on PS then look at in on my computer downstairs colours always seem faded :S Anybody got any ideas? Btw wasn't sure where to put this.
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    Milan Djuric

    Signed him from Cesena for 2.1m but he didn't make an impact, morale was low as we was bottom the whole time anyways i left after a few game in the championship but did check ups on him He ended up with 30 goals + 8 assists not to shabby & is now worth over 4m anyways if this guy is known...
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    Help- Attempted to create widget in invalid column

    Ive searched everywhere for a fix but nothing :'( anyways every time i click home this appears Warning Attempted to create widget in invalid column and after clicking okay around 9 or 10 times i can continue but its now getting very annoying Thanks for any help in advance :D