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Recent content by the_Turk

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    Try this player

    his Name is Fabio Santos He is Brazilian WB (Left ) or LB so he can play all Left side and if u want Right side player u can buy Cafu and Rafinha (schalke 04)
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    help me 6.0.3 Crack?!

    i m sorry it's false thread... Sorry sorry
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    foreign players in Turkish leage

    Nicolas Anelka - Fenerbahce (French) (ST) Alez De Souza -Fenerbahce (Brazilian) (AM -L):yikes: :yikes: Stephan Appiah (Ghana) -(DM ) Aurelio -Fenerbahce (Brazilian) (MC) Marcio Nobre -Fenerbahce (Brazilian( (ST) Mondragon -Galatasaray -(Colombian ) (GK) Rigobert Song -Galatasaray (Senagal)...
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    Best of Turkish Players

    Serhat Akin- Anderlecht (FC-R) Tuncay Sanli Fenerbahce (FC-AM -L ) Ugur Yildirim - :yikes: :yikes: (AM ) Necati Ates -Galatasaray (ST) Hasan Sas -Galatasaray (Winger - L-R ) Servet Cetin -Fenerbahce (DC) Gokdeniz Karadeniz -Trabzonspor (Mid. R) Galatasaray U-20 team ..( too many players...