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    FM20: Post Your Successes

    Only head coach in Valencias history to be an Icon - never happened to me before haha. 16 trophies in 9 years.
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    this game is too hard for me

    Just a single player suits the role you have them in. congested mid with inverted wingbacks, but you had a wide attacking width Does't look like you're thinking things through
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    British wonderkids

    absolute beast!
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    Board Interfering With Transfers?.

    Check your staff responsibilities.
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    Lee Kang-In

    I started this save at valencia - always struggled with me, personality and low determination.
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    Who are you using, what role, team goals? :)
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    Difficult decision

    Espo, greenwood will help with homegrown quota.
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    Jeremy Doku

    Looks terrible, but 20 goals & assists in 40 games last year :D
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    Jeremy Doku

    Nope, these sorta fit well with my play style
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    Jeremy Doku

    Anyone else feel like this guy is a world-beater? Absolutely phenomenal for me at the momeny
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    So, how is everyone getting on with FM20?

    Love the game, small match engine tweaks needed but not massively impacting the game
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    FM 2020, The death of the casual player?

    Andorra has a low rep, winning the league will result in a massive boost for you which will result in teams being more cautious when playing against you. I'm assuming that your either drawing and when you concede it's because of counter-attacks/setpieces after you've pushed for the win? Manage...
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    Thaigo Miaia is excellent for me as a HB/Anchorman. Victor Osimhen and Haaland also excellent and reletively cheap early on. Poulsen also bangs them in. Maxence Caqueret great youngster who is cheap as well.
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    Haaland always offside?

    He has the trait "likes to try to beat O/T" So he's obviously going to get caught a lot more than others. If you play a slow possession game he aint for you tho :p