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    TFF's Tactics for FM18

    GOAT (y)
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    Footbe Logos - Exclusive

    Footbe Logos 2017-18 Download -
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    FM15 Best Talents

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    Ultimate FM14 Wonderkids Talents

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    PES 6 - Firebird 2015/2016 + EURO 2016

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    FM Trophies Gold

    Simple and elegant Available for all versions FM \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20xx\graphics\pictures\ trophies
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    FM not showing regen faces only hairs

    FM not showing regen faces only hairs . . . Imgur FM 2013, any solutions?
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    [FM15] Default Skin With Dark Background

    @howhigh1337 This is how it looks - Download - Installation - \STEAM\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data folder\
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    TF Talents Facepacks (140x180)

    TF Talents Facepacks (140x180) 2012/2013 DOWNLOAD : TF Talents Facepack v1 (60 pics) TF Talents Facepack v2 (42 pics) TF Talents Facepack v3 (40 pics) TF Talents Facepack v4 (40 pics) TF Talents Facepack v5 (41 pics)
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    player profile, how to remove (age and number)

    Hi, how to remove from the profile information about number and age of the player? Facepack overlap...