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    So Western-super-Mare are media predicted to finish bottom of the Vanarama Conference South. I want to take them through the leagues to the top! Any advice? Tactics, transfers, training, staff etc?
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    How To Make Money

    Hey, I wasn't sure where to post this! I made a video about how to make money in FM15. Feel free to watch!
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    Wonderkids: Position-by-position

    Here are all the Wonderkids I've found for each position. GK: DL: DR: DC: DM...
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    Man United

    So this thread became quite popular on FM14. Starting a save with Man United again. Introduction to the series: THE TEAM GK: De Gea Lindegaard Johnstone DR: Rafael DL: Shaw DC: Jones Evans Rojo Smalling Keane (out on loan) DM/MC: Carrick Blind...
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    Inter Milan 14.3

    So after some really helpful advice on my United save, I'm now looking to revive Inter Milan's status back to being one of the top dogs around the world! I'll be playing a 41221 formation with a defensive midfielder sat in front of the back four. I'll also play a 4231 when I'm chasing a goal or...
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    What would you like to see in Football Manager 2015?

    Check out my video to discuss what you would like to see in Football Manager 2015:
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    My 41221

    Here's my 41221 tactic: What do you think?
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    My 4231

    Here's my 4231(s) What do you think?
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    Tactics That I Use - Opinions?

    Let me know what you think of my three tactics that I use... 4231s: 41221 (433):
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    A good insight into staff here: What do you think?
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    Good morning, evening, afternoon FM'ers!

    My name's Tom. I've been playing FM since CM 01/02, which came on the back of a Frosties box! Massive Man United fan (ex season ticket holder). Football fanatic. Studied Sports Journalism and Design at Uni. Done some coaching badges too. I have an FM YouTube channel! Loads of content and...
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    I have an FM YouTube channel! Loads of content and consistent uploads. Check it out and subscribe! Any feedback or subject input is hugely appreciated!
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    Wonderkids: Position-By-Position

    Position-by-position GK: LB: RB: CB: DM: CM...
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    Man United 14.3

    So I've started a new Man United save... They're only given 14 million at the start of the season following the signing of Mata and the 14.3 update. I'm playing a 4231 formation with a possibility of playing wingers/inside forwards OR wider (central) playmakers. For example... De Gea Rafael...
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    How do you install a skin on a Mac?

    Hey! I recently moved to a Macbook Pro for work related purposes. I was simply wondering how I install skins/facepacks/kits/badges on a Mac? I had it all set up on my previous laptop and it's just not the same without all the graphics! :@ Thanks! :D​