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    Laptop for fm18

    Any suggestions on a laptop for fm18? About £300. This is what i was looking at. HP 15-bw034na, AMD E2, 4Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Laptop - Grey | Thanks Tracz
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    Fm touch 16/17 databse.

    Is it possible to edit the database for fm touch? So i can have the teams that get relegated/promoted in 15/16 season in their new leagues, I was able to download a database for this when i played full fm game on my laptop. Thanks for any help you guys can provide
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    fm touch

    Can anybody help with fm touch? Im looking to get a tablet to play this on, yet the list that i can find on fm website mentions about fm15 classic, so im fairly confused, Ive got a budget of around £200, i want something fairly decent but its main/only purpose is fmt, Any help is greatly...
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    difference between tablet and pc versions??

    As in the title, whats the major differences between the tablet and pc versions of fm games?? Is the tablet as bad as mobile game?
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    difference between tablet and pc versions??

    As in the title, whats the major differences between the tablet and pc versions of fm games?? Is the tablet as bad as mobile game?
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    laptop and fm experts! advice needed!!!

    Im looking to get a new laptop soon as the one i use atm is my wifes and it isnt great at running fm, its slow, lags and thats with just the top 4 english leagues loaded!!!! Ive been looking at a levano laptop with these specs :- Windows 8.1 Processor- Intel® Core™ i3-4005U processor -...
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    tight owners!

    Well im in season number 3 with ipswich, I won the championship in my second season. For the 1st 2 seasons i relied mainly on loans/frees and cheap deals, selling all my high earners and keeping to a strict wage budget, Im now in feb of 3rd season, 3rd in premier league yet the board will not...
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    ipswich town 3rd season

    Ive just been promoted with ipswich town in second season, im looking for a quality sweeper keeper, i have got up to £17m but he would need to be world class and young for me to spend that much, realisticly about £7m, Any tips?
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    ipswich town, 3rd season!

    Well im about to finish my 2nd season with ipswich town, first season i finished 11th, ive got 6games left of this season and im going to finish 1st, im 18points ahead of 2nd! If i win my remaining games ill end up on 107points! And get the record for most points. But to the main point, ive...
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    first teamers ineligible for u21 games

    So any 1st teamers needing match fitness and returning from injury play a couple of games for u21's, I went to do this yesterday and says they ineligible, and dont play any minutes! Anyone know why? Or how to fix it??
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    Spam anyone??

    We must all get annoyed with all this rubbish that keeps clogging up our favourite site, But there must be something we can do? I know we have the report procedure but it just seems like they reregister with a new name in spam the same ****! They have done like 3 pages of rubbish this morning...
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    sunderland end of 1st season

    I started an unemployment career, i did cheat a little and give myself decent badges n alike so i could start at a decent level, But anyway, i took over sunderland with 8games to go of the season, needing to win 4/5 to stand a good chance of staying up, i failed badly! I lost 6games and got...
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    suggestions for a new career??

    Can anyone make suggestions for a new career? First choice would be in english premier league, i dont want one of the big 4, i want to build my own dynasty, A club with ok finances, decent youth facilties, good squad, Or atleast one of those, i wouldnt say no to a team if they are in...
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    can you really buy a premier league title?

    Well as fm15 is just around the corner most people have started to get a little bored of the game, and with very little time to start a long term save im going to start a game just for fun. i will be starting as one of the lowest teams in the premier league, palace, leicester, burnley, qpr, i...
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    Computer/laptop tech help

    With fm15 just around the corner i am thinking of investing in a new laptop, i would like to get something that could run alot of countries/leagues with large db on 5star, atm my comp can manage, eng(league2),italy,spain,france(top division in those 3) on 4.5star with large db, so id like a...