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    FM13 for £10.20

    Taken from the FM facebook page for anyone who may not have seen it and hasnt got FM13 yet....
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    Release Clause of £10M or under

    Here I have compiled a list of players available for £10M or under that have a Pa of at least 150(to determine decent quality). Heres the list: Goalies: Carlos Kameni (5.25M) Dani Aranzubia (7M) Guillermo Ochoa (7.5M) Andrés (7.75M) Defenders: Romário (1.2M) Juanfran (1.2M) Markel Etxeberria...
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    Christmas 2012

    Well I didnt see a thread for this so I said I would make one if thats alright? Post all your Christmas related stuffs in here like: Traditions, Needing Gift ideas, what your getting and so on...
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    Goldenballs on Tour

    Fore note: This story will follow the career of David Beckham once he leaves LA Galaxy. I will start looking for work after the 1st of December which is the end of the MLS cup. I wont be sticking at one club as this is Beckhams future journey. I will also be doing this story in a newspaper style...
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    Hello everybody, Im Evan from Limerick in Ireland. This is my first time signing up on a FM forum despite playing the game for the past 4 years. Im a big Man Utd fan and enjoy going to watch them twice a year. I like doing my saves in the view of a former player or current manager rather than...