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    NewGAN Facepack - FMNEWGANV2 + UPDATE PACK 1 + NewGAN-Manager v1.1.0

    To download the changes, simply click the download button in the top-right and download the files you need. Facepack If you've already downloaded and extracted the original face pack just download the "FMNEWGANv2 Update 1.7z" .torrent file. If you don't have the face pack already downloaded...
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    Zealand's Staff Searches

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    Check the pinned comment on the youtube video!

    Check the pinned comment on the youtube video!
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    NewGAN Facepack

    I prefer an AI aging model because the mapping and reapplying of the faces might be more difficult
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    NewGAN Facepack v2.2

    Zealand, Samaroy, Gestalt, HRiddick, Krysler76, Ayal and the mod team have trained an AI program to generate real faces that just aren't actually real. Then we all built a UI that helps you install them into your Football Manager save in an ethnically-accurate way. It is as cool as it sounds...
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    NewGAN Facepack

    Zealand uploaded SAGKRZealand Facepack If you have any questions or need any support, please do not hesitate to ask.
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    Zealand's Staff Searches

    I'll have new ones made soon
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    Zealand's Real Faces on Regens

    It does! But on Wednesday morning I'm dropping a video explaining the installation of a new one
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    Zealand Llaneros Save File 2020-11-20

    FM dude Zealand has finished his final save on FM20, now you get to pick it up and play! You can try to take his team to greater peaks or create a new head coach and beat his legendary swampers
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    Zealand Llaneros Save File

    Liam uploaded Zealand's FM20 Save with Llaneros Leave feedback below.
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    Zealand's BATE Save Universe v1

    The file you've all been waiting for. Get it whilst it's hot. 502MB of sweet, juicy save file-ness! Social Media links are fun... Hit me up on Twitter Watch me on YouTube Interact with me on Twitch Stare at me on Instagram
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    Zealand's Real Faces on Regens

    I'm a lightning fan so there are worse things in the world
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    Zealand's Staff Searches version 1

    Hey! It's Zealand from YouTube - I have put together a search filter for each staff position in FM20 to encourage more of you to put your own Staff together. It can make a huge difference. What this does: It provides search filters for you to plug in, then adjust based on the level of your...
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    Zealand's Staff Searches

    Zealand uploaded Zealand's Staff Searches Leave feedback below.