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  • hey bud, no you dont at all :) you just have to reload the skin with skin cached box ticked etc, read the instructions on the download page of each graphic: skins, logo's facepacks etc
    ok mate thanks alot for the help I think I will use one of theres just to see it and figure it out and maybe try one of my own once I have taken a view of theres. Or who knows maybe just keep theres lol.

    Thanks alot matey.
    hey mate, i am getting Fm11 tomorrow, did not waste my time with the demo... :p
    I would suggest using either Dans or Tugs training schedules, they are by far the best (if you want to use pre-set ones) or make your own, but do not leave them on General, such a waste!

    do a search for Dan or Tugs and download their training schedules
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