24.4 -FM24 - Ajax Staff Fix Officially SummerPack V2 Season 2024-2025.

24.4 -FM24 - Ajax Staff Fix Officially SummerPack V2 Season 2024-2025. V2

24.4 -FM24 - Ajax Staff Fix Officially SummerPack V2

Important if you use the data update [24.4] FM 2024 - May Update V6.0.0 SummerPack V1 V6.0.0 you must disable the following file: 24.4 Officially V6.0.0 FM24 - New Staff by The Wizard.

Added Ajax original coaching and management staff to the game, which 100 people are not in the game
This update contains the original staff of AFC Ajax from the 2024-2025 season!

24.4 -FM24 - Ajax Staff Fix Officially SummerPack V2 is now compatible for the latest patch of Sports Interactive 24.4 more than 100+ staff members of Ajax the original Ajax season 2024-2025 staff fix.

Would you like to share it? Please point the download link to this very page and NOT the direct or steam link.
You cannot host the files on your own website unless you have permission from The Wizard.

Do you have an addition for new staff of clubs or players? Send me a private message and I'll add it to the database.

Credits: The Wizard.
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