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"Heart of a lion" 5-2-3 tactic v.6 (Balance) by Raferu

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I created an balanced 5-2-3/3-4-3!

My english is not good enough to explain it good, so pleas have a look at the screenshots.

Like you can see I played one save to create this tactic and tweak it until i was satisfied.
Just to warn you, you will get the best results in the 3D Game engine, like this i could win the CL (Final agianst PSG!) with Sporting Clube de Portugal, what surprised me really hard.

This tactic is defending solid and creates many quality chances! And Sporting not has the best strikers from start the game. Maybe i will make an update with test proves with other teams.

I just hope you give it a try, if you want an tactic formation with 5-2-3 / 3-4-3!

Like i said I´m sorry for my bad english.

If you want make an youtube video tactic test, please inform me. I would like to know it, and if you think what could be better tell me too.

Greetings your Raferu
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