Drag to reposition cover
Insane Width 4-3-3

Insane Width 4-3-3 v6

Game Version
Beta 20.1.0
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Stretch The Play
Watch your team move the ball from left to right with ease whilst creating gaps to exploit in the opposition's defence.

Short Passing, Possession Based
Dominate the ball, dominate the game

Turn their mentality to support for away games and games against stronger opponents.

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Additional Comments:
  • Give your team time to learn the tactic
  • I don't bother with OIs
  • It's for beta, so allow space for the beta match engine to be buggy
  • Some roles were specially adapted for my team, might not suit your team
First release
Last update
4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v6 for beta

    Still works..
  2. v5

    Zip file with home and away tactics Less goals conceded more reliable possession added CDM...
  3. v4.1

    Added an away tactic for making sure you win those harder games... Anyways, the download is now...

Latest reviews

Good tactic helped me go on a run with Arsenal. Quite direct and I get over 20 Shots per game. Changed the DLP S to a Defend, and some other PI's as they interfered with my players traits. The away Tactic is great too really solid and the opposition don't get many CCC'S. PF helps fashion chances by pressing the defenders and playing through balls to the wingers. Working after the patch too. Thanks for this man.
Glad it worked out for you 😊