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[V1.0.0] Real Names Licence Fix by The Wizard [FM22]

[V1.0.0] Real Names Licence Fix by The Wizard [FM22] 2022-08-06

[V1.0.0] Real Names Licence Fix by The Wizard [FM22]

The file works best with the following transfers & data updates for Football Manager 2022:
(Other Football Manager updates are also supported on the web and steam)

FMET Extended English Database FM22 22.3 Update 2022-03-03 by TheFMEditor.
Community DB: Data Pack & Transfer Update FM22 v0.2 by Liam
FMI Update by FMInside
Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 & FMTU by pr0
Data Tweaks (v3.5 | v4.2) by sirTAVARES

## FM22 real names fix. Fix fake name of competitions, stadiums, clubs and awards with their real names in Football Manager 2022.
Fix works with your current FM 2022 saves. ##


The project The Wizard is not affiliated with any website or sponsor, it is an open source that anyone can contribute to by submitting changes.
Be welcome to pass on your feedback.
Want to share the ( the Wizard project ) on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page.
You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors.

Available in the following languages German ,Dutch , English
in the next V2 release, it will also come in French and Spanish!

Real Names by TheWizard Copyright (©) 2022

Overview/Maps (LNC) file:

1:Name Change - Fake Team.
2:International Competition & club changes
3:Stadiums Changes.
4:Leagues & Club Names Licensing.
5:General Awards.
6:Africa Cup of Nations Awards.

#Revised and updated by The Wizard 1/8/2022 FM2022 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v1.0.0 for FM22
#Revised and updated by The Wizard 1/9/2022 FM2022 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v2.0.0 for FM22
#Revised and updated by The Wizard 1/10/2022 FM2022 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v3.0.0 for FM22
#Revised and updated by The Wizard 1/11/2022 FM2022 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v4.0.0 for FM22
#Revised and updated by The Wizard 1/12/2022 FM2022 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v5.0.0 for FM22

Thanks to everyone who helped make and update the file, you know who you are! And many thanks.
Feel free to reply to the thread on the thread on the subject.

Realnames Club & League Fix

RealNames by TheWizard

FM22 RealName License Fix by The Wizard

Instructions [V1.0.0] Real Names Licence Fix by The Wizard [FM22]:

Find the 2400 folder.
\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2022\data\database\db\2240\
\Program Files\Epic Games\FootballManager2021\data\database\db\2240\
/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2021/database/data/db/2240/
/Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2021/database/data/db/2240/
Open the lnc folder and then enter the all sub-folder.
Delete all files you can find in there, particularly the following 3 files:
Move FM22 Real Name Fix by The Wizard. (LNC) inside this all folder.
Go 2 folders back to find the edt folder.
Open it and then enter the permanent sub-folder.
Delete the file "fake.edt".
This will fix Niko Kovač from getting renamed to Max Freund, Oliver Kahn from getting renamed to Jens Freund,.
Again go 2 folders back, this time to find the dbc folder.
Delete the following files (This will fix Juventus):
zebra award.dbc
zebra turin fake staff new.dbc
Now enter the permanent sub-folder remove 4 files.
forbidden names.dbc
This will prevent Brazilian clubs from reverting to 3-letter names and will allow certain kits to be visible again.