Aannddyy's Attacking Underdog Tactic 4-5-1


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Jun 30, 2009
I know FM12 is just around the corner but I have started to wonder just how good this tactic is, would like others to give me some feedback on it so I know whether or not I've just fluked it. I've made a lot of tactics that have been successful with teams like Everton and Villa but I've never had a proper underdog tactic work for me, until now.

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I think the best way to show just how effective this tactic is, is with screenshot's of matches against the big 6. My record against them is pretty good, I take at least a point against them about 65% of the time (that is real maths I'm not just guessing).


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You may have noticed that there are no screenshot's of United, I have never beaten them. However I have only lost to them once, so you judge whether that's successful or not.

Now my team very rarely have more than 50 percent possession, even in some of the 4-0 thrashings. The opponents do pressure a lot, however the cover/ stopped partnership along with them both being limited defenders means that often the danger is easily removed, even with two relatively weak defenders in Alcaraz and Gohouri.

The players:

You will rely heavily on your poacher, I recommend Christian Benitez (doesn't everyone) because he is cheap and effective.

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There is no doubt your goalkeeper will be called on a lot throughout a match, sometimes he may be the difference between winning 2-0 and losing 3-2, make sure you pick your goalkeeper wisely. Communication, Command of Area, Composure, Handling, One on Ones & Reflexes are massively important.

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The back for is pretty simple really, your full backs need to be able to support your midfield but also need to be do the job in defence, shouldn't be hard to find players who fit the mould. In your centre-back partnership it's vital you have players who can play their specific roles, ideally a left-footed stopper and a right-footed cover, but I don't think it's a massive must as long as you don't play two left footed players!

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The midfield relies heavily on the ball playing midfielder and advanced playmaker do their attacking duties, through balls and goals are important from these position so don't sign anybody too defence-minded, that is what your defensive midfielder is for, they will break up play but rarely support in any attacking play, which is good. Inside forwards are your biggest asset in assists, they will cut across goal and lay off your poacher, they will also bag a few goals themselves. Do not worry to much about crossing as your players very rarely cross from outside the box, dribbling is a must.

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Weaker teams:

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Above are some screenshot's of results against teams that we would have been expected to beat, as you can see the tactic is just as effective. The possession still isn't really above 50% but clean sheets come often and goals seem to just keep coming. It's a really fun tactic.

League Tables & Tactics:

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First Season Predicted: 16th

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Second Season Predicted 12th

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Third Season Predicted: 9th

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I have also been runner up for manager of the year twice

Team talks:

Kick Off:
Good Luck
Half Time:
Winning: Encourage or Pleased (bigger team)
Drawing: Encourage
Losing: We can win this or Sympathise (bigger team)
Full Time:
Win: Pleased
Draw: Sympathise or Please (bigger team)
Lose: Disappointed/Sympathise (depending on team and score)
MOTM = Delighted

Opposition Instructions:

I leave my assistant to this, in all honestly I can't be bothered with all that.

Touchline shouts:

Don't really bother with particular shouts. However you need to make the most of the strategy bar. You need to know when to attack, defend and control a game. I will leave that to you guys to work out but I will say, attack a lot! If you are winning then don't hold back, continue to attack until you 2 or 3-0 up then try to control the game. The best advice I can give you is don't panic if you concede. I've conceded first in tons of games then turned it around, just go to attacking and be patient. And remember it doesn't work every time, you have to take the 6-0 wins with the 7-3 losses that you will encounter!

Pitch Size: Standard


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To help you guys get an idea of the sorts of players I've brought to consistantly upgrade the


I genuinely do hope somebody reads this 'cus it's taken me a while, I hope you guys try it out and give me feedback too! I'd love to see what it can do in lower leagues, abroad and even with big teams! There is no doubt in my mind that I've missed something so just drop me a comment if you need to know anything else

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Jan 10, 2011
I may use it for my Lazio squad, predicted 12th, it's in 2015/16 so far but the majority of the team are still real players, if it fails, I'll just hop right back to Wigan.


Feb 1, 2011
this tactic deserves more recognition! helped me to get 13th after being 2nd bottom in november with brighton in prem league after a couple of years, next season i played it all the time and came 6th and into europe. great great tactic thanks alot


Dec 6, 2008

The EPL is very competitive and everyone can beat everyone eventually, so, even with Wigan that has a possible rep rating of 5400, it is still possible to do well with a proper tactic due to the quality of their players.

Now, this is not an attack to your tactic, far from that, it is what I saw when I used your tactic in a lower rep league. I toke over a team in january 2011 from the PT league, at the time they were at the bottom of the table, Rio Ave has a rep rating of 4800 and their best player has a PA of 158, the rest of the players are substandardly bellow the 140 PA bracket.
Here, many factors come into play, moral is one of them, and using " wish luck " does not help. So far lost all the games, 4, and lost to teams considered equal.

Again, replicating others results is not possible, it is a simulation game that we all play after all. I´m quite sure that with the proper players brought in, they had no budget to do it, your tactic would do what it is meant to do, just like Wii did with Valencia trashing Vilarreal.

But anyway, I will give it a shout next season with a different team in the PT championship.

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Oct 10, 2011
Hey Andy,

You think it would be useful to put the 2 central midfielders as advanced playmaker one on support and the other on attack? and defensive midfielder can be changed to anchor man to add more solidity to the back ?