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Cant Loan out a good player even for zero cost to the other team ... why ?


Apr 26, 2010
So I cant manage to sell Isco who's now 28 at any price ( 220,000 wages so fair enough ) so instead I try loaning him out as ive got my team sorted and hate players just wasting away. I start with a fee but pretty quickly im asking for nothing but NO ONE is interested no one at all. How can this be ? I mean it seems totally ridiculous with the chance for someone to get a free player of this caliber for a year .... seems a great deal ... I mean so great I must be literally insanse to pay 220,000 a week wages for someone else to use him ! But alas no offers. None at all.

Also I know If I had an affliate to send him too that may work also I should probably be selling him with some wage contribution but well ... yeah you are right ... im not sure why i didnt try that.